Whacking Daze


.PUNKTUM is a choreographic dance piece based on the dance style, punking (also known as whacking). Punking is a street style and was developed in the underground queer community of Los Angeles in 1970's by afro- and latin-americans and asians. The cast is a mix of professional and non-professional dancers from the dance collective and community Whacking Daze. The piece is build from a choreographic method of setting up certain rules that applies in certain time frames. This could be rules of walking, stopping, slow motion, grooves, poses and freestyling. In this way the performance will never be the same creating a unique experience every time. This method implies a high level of presence and listening with both body and mind. In this way the piece became a symbol of the way we practice community and how we support each other in taking space and leaving space for others.

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Whacking Daze

is a dance collective and community researching and practising the street dance style, whacking (also known as punking). We started in 2020 and are still hosting a free weekly session at KBH+ for all levels. Besides this we curate workshops and events diving into the history and culture of whacking! Some of our guests include OG Viktor Manoel (MX), Mounia Nassangar (FR), SamTwo (FR), Jess (BR) and Princess Madoki (FR). We have choreographed and performed multiple shows; the latest was our showcase .PUNKTUM for Malmö Hip Hop Weekend, where we came in third.