Astrid Sten Andersen experiments in the intersection between science and dance with a confidence that the two can benefit from each other in a beautiful symbiosis. She likes to play with the contrast of the abstract and the factual as a tool to get the attention of the audience. Often telling stories about human identity and self-perception anchored in theories and concepts from science.


Art and science are often viewed as opposites — science as an objective discipline and art as a subjective discipline. Scientists rely more on subjective decision-making than most people acknowledge, while artists often have a greater degree of methodology in their practice than many people assume. Communicating science through art lowers a barrier most people have a tendency not to cross as they are biased to think they will not understand it. Vice versa conveying art through science and humour also lowers the barriers of which a lot of people have a propensity to never cross because it is seen as too abstract or incomprehensible.